Looks like you’ve made it. You found the place where #theastuteones reside.

The Astute Agency is a diverse collective for brilliant, and talented artists who are uniquely erudite in their craft and concentrations.

We also serve as a space for inspiration, and a reference point with useful tools and information regarding life on set, diversity and other sources to help navigate artists and those looking to hire them.

We also have partnerships with people, schools, and businesses around the globe in efforts to close the opportunity gap for artists everywhere through education, informational interviews, and more.

COVID-19 has been hard on every one of us. And certainly creatives have been hit particularly hard as well. We stand behind creatives who have shown their resilience, expertise and innovation through these times and who push past limitations no matter what.

The Astute Agency is a collective of high-performing talented creatives, who are available for hire.