A Seat at the Table…for everyone.

I don’t know about you, but the past few weeks have been really really hard. There are a lot of people hurting right now, and we must make space for that pain. We have to make way for respect and care too. We must be kind and embrace empathy.

Photo by Karen Santos

As a fellow artist, and the founder of The Astute Agency, I am pledging to you that the everlasting mission of what Astute stands for is to ensure that there is a seat at the table for everyone.

There is no tolerance for hate, bigotry, or microagressions. There is no place for low pay for BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) folx, or devaluation of their works, craft, or labor of any kind. There is no time for that. That era is over.

The reason we are here is so that we all can rise. That is the only way.

We are a community for, about, and by artists. Occasionally, we may feature companies or other organizations in efforts to mobilize, collaborate or connect them with creatives for hire.

This is also a platform for industry and multi-disciplinary creatives to showcase the breadth of creativity that exists in our world available to work. We will serve as a reference and inspiration space for artists and those looking to hire them in this new era of COVID. This space is an effort to get the engine moving to secure work for creatives during this time (and beyond).

This is a not-for-profit group, and we don’t take money from any company or artist in exchange for referrals, information, features or promotions. Some of the artists are represented by agencies and some of them are not. Either way you slice it, they are all equally inspiring, and we believe the world needs to see more of them.

The table can fit us all, we just need more chairs.

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