about us

The Astute Agency is a community for, about, and by artists. We are a global community platform for industry and multidisciplinary creatives with a focus on brilliant and talented artists who are uniquely erudite in our craft and concentrations– and we are ready for hire. 

For some, the use of the word agency can be confusing since we are not emulating the conventional “agency” model. We claim how social science defines “agency,” while challenging the status quo. Sociology defines agency (human agency) as; the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices.  Additionally, our own social structures (e.g. social class, region, gender, ethnicity, ability, customs, etc.) could have possibly determined our current circumstances. This is what sets us apart at Astute; the diverse backgrounds in our collective and the myriad of experiences that has uniquely shaped our expertise and connects us. 

We believe in a world where autonomy is given back to the artist. We believe sharing stories, art, and culture unifies us all. 

The Astute Agency aggregates tools and networks in one place, embracing new thought, and giving agency to our community so that we all can rise. While amplifying our artists and special guests through live conversation and open discussion, we are creating a living archive that represents our varied existence. Occasionally, we may feature companies, or other organizations in efforts to mobilize, collaborate or connect them with creatives, here and abroad.

This is a not-for-profit group, and we do not accept compensation from any company or artist in exchange for referrals, information, features or promotions. Some Astute Agency artists are represented by outside agencies, and some are not. All Astute Agency artists are equally inspiring and deserving of opportunity and promotion. 

The Astute Agency is founded and operated by BIPOC creatives.